Saturday, December 24, 2005

Have a Warm & Fuzzy Christmas

Best wishes for the holidays from Rocky and me


U2 in Hawaii?!

No longer just wishful thinking

The radio announced it, rumor websites are all abuzz, so it MUST be true!

(slightly doctored image)

It's that time of year

.. to paint the toenails and fingernails red-green-red-green (with white Christmas trees on the big toes!) ..

.. to buy stuff and have others pay for it (like this too-orange, but oh-so-cute sushicat t-shirt) ..


.. to receive goodies in time for the holidays (new Butch Walker DVD, free camera phone) ..


.. for good times and good friends!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Scaled-down Carnival of Sins

Motley Crue concert

I'm vertically challenged, as you can see from the pretty crappy pictures taken from the 17th row at last night's concert. I have lots of shots of people's hands and backs of heads, because THAT'S ABOUT ALL I COULD SEE!! Since there was an aisle in front of our row, much-larger guys kept getting in front of me (and kept getting kicked back by security). In fact, when I first got to my seat (after missing the first song, Shout at the Devil, dammit), there were a bunch of huge guys standing there because our group hadn't arrived yet.

They didn't bring all their tour props and special effects, but there was enough smoke and fire to satisfy everyone. I couldn't see some of the "extras" (strippers, midget, etc.) because some of their antics were done low on the stage and I couldn't see with all those tall people in my way! Not that I really needed to see the midget being walked on a leash by a stripper, but hey, I paid over $70 and wouldn't have minded the full effect. You can see some of what I saw in the pics below.

click to view slide show

Tried to join someone I knew who was in the 5th row but couldn't because security was checking tickets at the 16th row. During one of the encores I decided to go for it, climbed over a chair, only to be blocked by a guard. I'm short and harmless, and wouldn't have taken up much room. They shoulda let me go. Other guys were pushing their way to the front, but most were being "escorted" back.

Vince Neil's voice is pretty shot, but the hyped-up crowd sang better than he did and helped him along. Even after his recent facelift and makeover I still thought he looked pretty pudgy.

Mick Mars's degenerative disease didn't prevent him from blowing the crowd away.

Nikki SIxx was..Nikki Sixx. I can see why Butch Walker digs him.

Tommy Lee sounded great, but I couldn't really tell you much more becauseI COULDN'T SEE HIM until he stood up at his drum kit and later came out to the front as they all said their "Alohas". He held up a bottle of Jagermeister and thanked everyone repeatedly.

Someone at work who sat up in the nosebleed section told me today that the sound was muffled and people up there pretty much sat in their seats the whole time. I can tell you the floor was a huge party, with all the seats folded and everyone singing and screaming and whistling and dancing and holding up their arms and..BLOCKING MY WAY, unfortunately. But I had a great time and wished the two hour show would go on longer.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


'Tis the season


Rocky snuck up there the other day when I was decorating our tree. He didn't pose well with the tree itself, though did try to "mark" it as his!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Eagles concert slideshows

OK, it seems that some people missed the two links to the photos of the Eagles concert at the bottom of the previous entry. Hmmph, they probably didn't want to read my ramblings all the way through ;)

I like Flickr's little slideshows. Clicking on each picture below will lead you to the slideshow pages for the pictures, but not the actual photos themselves.

11.29.05_iblog_sml.jpg     12.03.05_iblog_sml.jpg

Monday, December 05, 2005

Aloha, Eagles

It was a great week


The Eagles landed in Honolulu for four incredible concerts that I was fortunate to see from great floor seats. (Not that I sat in them for long.) While I'd been to quite a few Eagles concerts years ago, it was obvious that many around me hadn't, and the crowd LOVED them! It's such a huge (and rare) deal when bands as incredible as the Eagles come our way, and to put on four Honolulu concerts and one Maui show is simply amazing.

One review call the crowd "sedate" and "somnambulant". I'll tell ya why: the security MADE people sit. I spoke to a security guy on the second night who said that they got "yelled at" the night before by the Eagles' security guys who insist that anyone in Rows 5 and beyond do NOT stand until "The Long Run" (song just before intermission). LIke that's easy to enforce.

I was solo the first three nights but was able to bring a friend down from her nosebleed section the second night to join me at intermission on what she now refers to as the "dance floor". The whole experience is so much better when you're with friends!

I kind of made a few new ones, too. Two ladies who partied with me the second night, and two others from the last night who I shared my pictures with. On the third night a guy directly behind me kept grabbing me by the shoulders to tell me that I sure knew how to party, and that of all the people there, I was probably having the best time. Gee, do you think it showed?

I snuck in a camera and managed to not get it confiscated, though on the last night I came very close. Most of the pictures didn't turn out too well, but here are the best of the bunch: nine from the first night and four more from the last.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Generations Apart

Butch Walker fans / Eagles fans

A message posted on the Butch Walker message board today:

how can all of you afford to travel so much to these shows? do your parents pay for it? im just curious since it seems like a lot of you travel to a bunch of the shows on a tour.

An earlier post from the Eagles board:

I took my daughter, 13 years old at the time, along to Earls Court to complete her musical education. Having grown up with me as her dad she had little option but to listen to the Eagles (I believe in bringing up chidren properly) and was going through a phase of listening to the "Eagles Live" album, enthusing particularly about "Seven Bridges Road".

I shall never, ever forget the look in her eyes when the concert opened with that very song.

After the Eagles concerts next week, I probably won't be seeing them for a while, if ever. I've actually outgrown them, but felt obligated to go to all four Honolulu concerts since they'll probably not come this way again. While I wouldn't fit in the crowd that follows Butch on tour, I'd love to be able to catch him a couple of times a year. It sucks to be thousands of miles away, in the middle of an ocean. But at least I don't have to have my parents subsidize my habits. (To their credit, most of the younguns who do follow Butch earn their own money or save up their allowances...)

Of course, when I hear The Eagles' perfect five-part harmony perform Seven Bridges Road a cappella next week, I won't be thinking about Butch a bit.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I've lost that blogging feeling

Wow, it's been two weeks since I last posted an entry. Haven't even felt like stopping in on other people's blogs. If I make it through next weekend, I'll probably check in here more consistently. Next weekend will be the real test.

Don't really wanna bitch about things that haven't been going right, so scraps of silver linings are:
  • The long-awaited 30 lab computers arrived at school and were set up
  • My fundraiser from hell will hit its do-or-die climax (uh, probably not the right word) next weekend
  • A club I used to frequent , The Wave Waikiki, celebrated its 25th anniversary the other night and I got to go
  • Macy's had some pretty decent stuff on sale today for 70% off
With the exception of the last item, the others should be appended with "but..." since there's way more crap behind them than meets the eye.

And I guess last month's splurges were bad timing. Four $250 Eagles tickets (plus crappy Ticketmaster fees), $80 Motley Crue ticket (plus crappy Ticketmaster fees), computer, projector, printer, digital camera, and my usual clothes, shoes, whatever actually added up to more than my recently-reduced account can handle. Darn, and I thought transferring the "extra" money out of it wouldn't make a difference. Hah. Forgot I live on a teacher's salary.

Ooh, Rocky Raccoon reminded me he's got a secret and he's not.. you know.. letting the cat out of the bag =^.^=


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween

From me and Rocky

Rocky and I don't usually dress up anymore for Halloween, but we do our part.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Four...and definitely no more

But this time I'll have company

Just when I had made up my mind that I wouldn't go to the fourth Eagles concert, just when I had convinced myself that three $250 concerts would be enough, my friend called out of the blue. Haven't heard from him for a couple of months, figured I'd never hear from him again.

When I mentioned that I'll be going to the first three concerts alone, he offered to fly over and join me for the fourth.

Tickets for that fourth Eagles concert in Honolulu went on sale this morning and I scored great seats again..but I PROMISE this is the last one I'll go to. I won't be flying to see them on Maui a couple of days later, and I won't even THINK about getting tickets to another one if it should be announced.

It's mind-boggling that our population can even support this many concerts. Who the heck are all those other Eagles fanatics, anyway, especially those crazy enough to splurge (repeatedly) on the high-end seats?? I wanna meet you!

Hawaii IS part of the United States

But not according to Ticketmaster



Sunday, October 23, 2005

Naughty little dinosaurs

They really don't care who's watching - or taking pictures.

1 2

3 4

5 6

Last two pics are of Mr. Big showing off and waiting for his next date.

Good Sunday

I'm ready for the week now

At 4:30 a.m. we cancelled our plans to participate in the Race for the Cure (due to inclement weather) and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at a restaurant instead.

The weather cleared up so I took Rocky Raccoon on a walk in the yard on a leash -- and we both survived.

waiting_door DSC00891

While hanging my clothes outside I snapped R-rated pictures of yard dinosaurs (second couple I saw that morning who didn't care I was right there). See above post for more pics.


Later went to the mall and took advantage of Macy's underwear sale -- sorry, no pictures

And finally: Used a See's Candy gift card to buy over-priced Halloween candy, and got more free samples than usual because the salesgirl recognized me!

They did it again, darnit!

Two more Eagles concerts in Hawaii

My Eagles will now put on a total of FIVE concerts in Hawaii (the fifth will be on on Maui). I already have tickets for the first three, and was hoping they wouldn't announce any more, even though it was rumored that a fourth was in the works.

At least this time I've got 'til Saturday to decide, unlike when tickets for the third concert were suddenly made available without any advance notice.

I already have great floor seats for the first three concerts, but will be sitting by myself and really would rather not for a fourth. Some of my friends will be going to the second concert but sitting elsewhere. A few others said they might go if a fourth concert was announced, but they weren't intending on getting the $250 tickets that crazies like I have done. But I'll ask around again...

Or, is three enough?


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Looks like I'll live

Blood work came back normal

So why do I feel so crappy?! Tonight my back is worse than ever before, so I'm self-medicating. *clink*. You don't suppose my recent talk about needing to celebrate a mid-life crisis got my body figuring I was overdue for mid-life ache & pain session as well??

No clue yet what's wrong with me, but there's plenty of time before my concerts for me to be fixed. Three Eagles concerts, and, as of today, a Motley Crue concert (also terrific floor seats) a couple of weeks after them. I definitely have to be in tip-top shape for that one.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Good thing I like needles

Most poking I've had in a while

OK, so on Monday I had a free flu shot that was offered to teachers. Stood in a loooong line with a friend at our Teachers Institute (not quite what you might think) to take advantage of the freebie. I've had flu shots before without any ill effect, and actually like getting stuck by needles.

[Wanted to stand in the blood donation line, but until they instate a new half-pint policy, I'll never meet the required weight minimum. No matter how much I'd love to donate blood (I think that'd be the coolest), I refuse to get that fat for them. Hope I can say that a decade from now as I get heavier and heavier...]

Tuesday morning rolls around, I take a shower and realize as I'm getting ready for work that I'm surprisingly uncomfortable. This was after the shower and a few sips of coffee; I should be feeling pretty decent by now. But lower back aches really bad and my f*cken messed up.

Wednesday goes by. Same, uh, sh*t. Thursday beckons and I tell myself that enough's enough. I called in sick today (Thursday) and made an appointment with my doctor to see what the heck is wrong with me.

At my insistence the test for kidney infection was taken (I swore was the culprit), and results given while I waited. I was so bummed when they came in negative because that meant I'd have to go home without antibiotics which I *knew* would make me feel better. If I had a kidney infection like two years ago when I went kayaking for the first time and had to wade around in less-than-clean water, I'd be cured!

Had a couple of vials of blood taken (ohyeah, for some reason I've always liked that part) to see of other parts of me are malfunctioning. My doctor will be on leave in a couple of days, so if I remember to call tomorrow, I'll find out my results earlier than normal.

So here I sit, uncomfortable and bummed, and a little bit scared to find out what the bloodwork will show. I have my own suspicions what might be the problem, and if it turns out to be that, then I've been my own worse enemy.

Or it could be, as ladies my age are telling me (from experience), that it's hormonal. Hah. I refuse to believe that crap..for now. In my mind, "hormonal" is a catch-all phrase for normal sh*t that's hard to diagnose. Or something. As I've said before, I intend to flit through that stage without noticing it much.

No, I don't think the flu shot on Monday was the cause of all this. But wouldn't it be nice to blame it on something??

Tommy Lee on fire


Tommy Lee suffered minor burns on his arms and face during a pyrotechnics explosion while performing in concert in Wyoming yesterday. Apparently, the accident occurred while he was being transported from one drum set to another 30 feet above the stage. It was toward the end of the set, and he played one more song before the band decided to cut the show short.

Motley Crue has performances Friday - Sunday, and reportedly none will be cancelled.

I was thinking tonight that I might pass on their concert here (ticket ordering got a little more complicated than I expected), but this might've sealed the deal.

EDIT 7:46 pm: What a coincidink. While channel surfing I came across MSNBC with a teaser about the Tommy incident. So I watched it. Tommy was OK at the time to make jokes, and did go to the hospital after the show was cut short, but couldn't be found there, so might've already been released (or registered under some other name). Wow..wonder if they'll bring their whole shebang, elevated sets, pyrotechnics and all to Hawaii. Doubt it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Apple's "One More Thing" Event

Speculation ended today!

Apple's highly-anticipated "One More Thing" event did not disappoint. The goodies are way better than the lackluster ROKR iTunes phone, and yes, much of it had to do with iTunes and the iPod.

[I can't believe it's been a year since the last "One More Thing" event, when the black and red U2 Special Edition iPod was debuted. As of today it's no longer is available at Apple's website, so I guess I have a real collector's item!]

Best of the best of today's announcement (IMO):

  • new G5 iMacs are better, faster, thinner than before, come with the iSight camera built in, and are bundled with the niftiest mouse on the planet, Mighty Mouse
  • new, slimmer iPods are video-capable, and come in black or white (ala the nano iPod)
  • iTunes 6 now has more than 2000 videos and TV shows for $1.99

The new iPod commercial features a video clip of U2's performance in Chicago earlier this year. I love how U2 and Apple are still happy together. Rumor is it that Madonna might be the inspiration for the next Special Edition iPod because she's so prominently featured on iTunes and in the ROKR commercial. I won't be buying that one.

But the most surprising thing was Steve Jobs' outfit! He was wearing brown slacks instead of his usual uniform of blue jeans and sneakers!! Gasp!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Butch's new EP

on iTunes today!

After a 10-day countdown that whipped Butch fans into a frenzy trying to figure out what his hints meant, he came out today with an EP of five mostly live songs he's covered.

He's already been trying some new songs during his present Hotel Cafe Tour, and they're being shared online. Nice how he uses his fans as beta testers :) He'll be working on two CDs soon.


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Made out like a bandit today!

Then used my savings to buy more shoes :)

A friend just bought a new Sony Vaio, so I told her that now would be a great time to buy a Sony digital camera to go with it. Decided to look through today's ads to see if any good deals were available. Lucked out: Office Depot had a Sony Cyber-shot for $129 after rebate, an Epson projector for $799 + an instant $100 gift card to be used on the next purchase, and an HP all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax for $149 before its 15% discount.

I bought the camera and projector for school use (left one camera for my friend if she decides to get it), and used the $100 gift card toward the printer, which ended up costing me only $32.79 after tax!! I've never liked the idea of those all-in-one models, since if one part flakes out, you're still stuck with the whole machine. But my two printers and two old scanners don't work well with my latest operating system, and the price was more than right. My test scan was a page from a magazine that I had Butch autograph :)

Office Depot is conveniently located right next to Nordstrom Rack. After loading the goodies into my car, I decided to take a look around at the Rack. Found a beautiful blouse..and two pairs of shoes. Yikes, I know I shouldn't keep buying shoes, but it's so easy to do. I threw out a bunch over the summer, but have replaced them with even more pairs since then.

The blouse is gorgeous and definitely not something I'd wear to school. It'd be great to wear to a special night out, like to an Eagles concert..or a Motley Crue concert! Yeah, it looks as if I *will* be going to that one, after all!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

This one I'm not too sure I'll attend

Motley Crue to perform in Hawaii on December 14, 2005

Whoa. Maybe I'll go if Tommy Lee gives Butch Walker proper credit for co-wriiting and performing on his theme song to his reality show and video "Good Times"!

Maybe I'll go just 'cuz.

Not a big Crue fan, but it should be a trip. I do know two people who are really into them, so maybe they'll let me tag along. I haven't been all that successful getting my own friends go to to concerts with me ;)

Live 8 (Canada) July, 2005

Below is a recent silly pic of Nikki Sixx, Butch Walker, and Tommy Lee. Butch, who is 6' 2", must be slouching because he looks like their wasted little brother!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Maybe they won't suck this time

Everclear at Pipeline on Saturday


I liked most of Everclear's stuff, but hated them in concert a few years ago. They were wasted, profane (it was an all-ages/parents + kiddies show at the BayFest) and were horribly off-key. Only good thing was the t-shirt I bought, although the Hawaii venue was misspelled.

They'll be here again on Saturday. I had vowed not to go because they were so embarrassingly awful last time, but tonight wondered if I should reconsider. I actually have plans for that night, but after listening to random songs on iTunes and hearing their songs again, I might want to check them out. Don't want to park my car anywhere near the place, but the $22 ticket price (plus crappy Ticketmaster fees) is nothing compared to what my Eagles are charging, and they're over a month away. Need a fix before then.

Did I mention before how much I love live rock concerts?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

X-rays don't lie

I'm a little crooked. Crooked-er in my lower back than a year ago. Neck improved some, which was the actual reason I originally started going to a chiropractor a couple of years ago. Lower back wasn't really too much of a concern.

But I guess my bad habits of driving with my left leg up on the seat, and poor posture while at the computer (many times with that left leg, if not both, on the chair or desk) have compounded my crookedness. Bummer, but I'm glad I saw what was happening so I can counteract it.

My chiropractor had asked earlier if I wanted to take pictures of my x-rays to post on my blog. Kinda wished I had a camera with me today :)

Monday, October 03, 2005


I might be a little riled up today..

.. but things just seem to keep on HAPPENING!

Someone (inadvertently??) deleted files on the Public partition of one of our school's servers this afternoon. It must've taken a while, and at some point that person must've known something wasn't right.

This whole school year is just not proceeding well. School-wide renovations definitely add to the mix, but other rather important things are falling through. Man, we've only been in session for about a month and a half and already we're squinting for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Old hardware is driving me batty. Printers might be the death of me. Poor teachers. They're the ones having to put up with inconveniences; we're just trying to ease them. Thank goodness I have "real" techie guy that works part-time. But the straw that broke the camel's back might've landed on him last week.


Still got it, sorta

Been feeling old and fat and fat and old lately. Haven't been to the gym in over a year. Emailed my former trainer a couple of weeks ago, but he never got back to me.

But I still can crank out 33 pushups!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Overdue for a mid-life crisis

I really don't intend to live twice my present age, so I figured I'd better hurry and have a mid-life crisis soon, skip the self-reflection part, and spend way too much money on something that would fool myself into believing I was youthful again.

A couple of years ago when I almost bought a Mazda RX-8, I thought that would be it, but since I couldn't see out of sides of the darn thing, it didn't count. Buying my purty little Scion TC coupe last year (no, not the ugly Kleenex box model) doesn't quite qualify, because even though it's from Toyota's "youth-marketed division", it didn't cost an arm and a leg as mid-life crisis objects are supposed to cost. In fact, that's why I bought it. I've never had to put up w/car payments and wanted to find a car I could pay in full. Couldn't do that w/the Mazda MX-8, even if I was able to see out of it.

Darnit. Maybe spending almost $800 on three upcoming Eagles concerts counts? Nah, those guys are even older than I am, and I've spent much more to see them before, so that doesn't qualify.

A sudden, major change would do it. I did get my hair colored professionally for the first time today (woohoo!) -- but that was because I had tried to use a medium brown on my dark brown hair two weeks ago and ended up with an interesting mix of medium brown/dark brown/red highlights and I wanted her to even it out. In this day and age when everyone seems to be going blondish, the most daring I can be is going a teensy bit less dark brown.

Here's a picture taken earlier this week at a friend's birthday dinner, in all my waiting-for-mid-life-crisis glory. Can't even tell I tried to lighten my hair on my own. And, yeah, I realize I'm putting my pic up here for something like the fourth time, but I don't worry about it, even though my parents might. (See two posts below.)


There was no significant difference after getting it professionally colored/balanced today. Should I have gotten a mohawk while I was there?

Going light brown and getting blond highlights is so common, too many Asians are doing that nowadays (yeah, like that looks natural), and I don't want to be one of the crowd. Same reason I bought my car; it was different at the time. Hardly anyone had one back then because it was too new. Everyone was telling me to get a Camry, but that is so a teacher car and is over-represented here. I wanted to be unique, if just for a little while.

So what can I do to celebrate my overdue mid-year crisis? Get a 20-something boy toy? (No thanks.) Go sky diving? (Don't want to be strapped to a stranger.) Buy shoes? (Do that all the time. In fact, bought a pair of cute, pointed-toe boots today that I may never wear.)


Monday, September 26, 2005

Dialing in

Don't know if my DSL carrier (the only one on this little island) is actually down in my area, or if it's my silly-ass ISP again, but didn't feel like wasting time tonight to find out. Decided to "rough it" for the first time in years. So I'm on dial-up tonight.

Kinda take for granted being always online. Not just email and web, but work-from-home. And frivolous stuff like blogging :)

So now my trusty little old laptop and I are in the living room, actually watching TV together. Pretty cool. I don't watch a lot of TV, but this new one called "Prison Break" is pretty good. Funny thing is my laptop still seems to think it's attached to its flat panel monitor, though when I've taken it on the road it knew it wasn't. It's kind of spoiled, usually has its own secondary monitor, keyboard, mouse, and lotsa external drives/readers/good stuff.

Hey, we could kind of get used to this. Except for the speed, or rather, lack of it.

OMG, this is funny -- Hawaiian Telcom's "high speed internet" commercial is on now! Hmmph, their DSL ain't so fast tonite. But again, it might not be their fault. My ISP has had more than its share of problems in the past, and it always seemed that I was the only customer calling in to ask what was up.

While this new setup is all cozy and all, if it lasts 'til tomorrow it will really be a pain. Gotta connect to work, and with the multiple power outages we had there today, we're not sure what tomorrow will bring.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My parents have read my blog

Should I be embarrassed?

Actually, my dad did went to the site and mentioned it to my mom (who never goes online herself). And, when I say "read", I mean skimmed..or rather, dismissed.

My main blog's link was in my email's sig when I sent my father an image of us at his birthday lunch that his AOL account couldn't view, but that's beside the point. I was at their house today to update his computer when he mentioned my blog. He didn't really read much of it, but did have a few things to say about it..mainly that he didn't think it was a good idea that I had one.

You know, weird internet stalkers and freaks and all.

I told him that I didn't post anything I thought would be too revealing..or too embarrassing for others (like my parents!) to read. So what would strange stalker-like people learn about me through my blog?
    That I love the Eagles? And Butch Walker?

    That I have an overly-furry, would-have-been-dead Maine Coon stray kitty-boy whose fuzzy little life I saved?

    That I wear mostly jeans and am grateful that the BOE hasn't implemented a dress code?

    That dinosaurs have overtaken the yard?
ooh. Dunno what useful information stranger-like stalker-types would have gleaned from what I've rambled about these past months.

So I ask, those of you who are NOT stranger-like/stalker-types, have I missed anything? (Yeah, I realize some of you wouldn't comment here, so pls email me to tell me if I'm revealing too much.)

No pink shoelaces for Rocky

Went to sign up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure today, but discovered that they didn't have any pink shoelaces this year! I've been doing the Race with friends for several years (we walk, not run), and have always looked forward to signing up in person as opposed to online because I could score freebies, including long pink shoelaces that Rocky Raccoon loves.

Had to break the news to Rocky today that the mall that had been providing them no longer does so. Bummer, because I accidentally vacuumed up one a few months ago so Rocky's left with just one. And if you have a pet, you know how the last of any toy can up and disappear any time without warning.

Here he is enjoying the last of the pink shoelaces tonight.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Eagles tickets are NOT selling on eBay!

They're barely being bid on!

Hah. Those people who bought Eagles tickets only to turn around and sell them on eBay aren't doing well at all. The guy who had 12 and told me he was able to get them because he was "at the right place at the right time" (though he listed them on eBay five days before they were even available to the public) didn't sell a single one and has re-listed his auction. The person who was selling tickets for the same row I will be in for the Dec. 2 concert hasn't sold any, either. That auction ended today, so those tickets might be re-listed, as well.

[aww, what a shame]

In fact, not a single Eagles ticket auction ended with sales, and none of the ongoing auctions look as if they'll be successful, either.

[hee hee]

The sellers have very high reserves ranging from $30 more for the $95 tickets and $125 more for the $250 tickets than they actually cost, excluding surcharges. And with decent tickets still available for the Friday, December 2 concert, I think they'll a have hard time unloading theirs.


I've had to pay scalpers', er, broker's prices for several of my Eagles mainland concerts, and hated it, but it was a necessary evil. Those pigs just make it harder for real fans to obtain good seats the "normal" way and their unsold tickets just go to waste. Then they have to resort to waving them around in front of the venue on the day of the concerts, hoping someone passing by would want to score them at drastically reduced prices.

Pathetic. Ahh, well, I'll just point at them and giggle when I see them in a couple of months!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Should I?

It's been over a year since I've worked out at a "real" gym. I did join one of those "ladies circuit training" thingies, and in the beginning went home to work out with weights afterwards because it really didn't do the trick, but I've since let everything lapse. Everything.

I joined Gold's Gym five years ago because that was a, well, pivotal year. Five years later, it's more than pivotal, it's critical. I need help and I'm too undisciplined to do it myself, even though I have pretty much all I need at home, if I weren't so lazy.

What I need is to pay a trainer IN ADVANCE like I used to, so I'd be sure to show up. Otherwise it'd be way too easy to blow off the session. But I've just spent a semi-tidy sum on three Eagles tickets and will soon pay for a year's worth of chiro visits (way more expensive than Eagles tickets), so don't know if I'm willing to do this.

Any excuse. I know. I hate to go to the gym, but once I'm there I'm OK. I just hate having to show up. Dunno why.

Emailed my former trainer tonight. We'll see. I 'm not overly anxious to resume, but have been very lazy in the past months and could use some help..before my Eagles concerts in November. It sucks getting old.

Monday, September 19, 2005

I hope they're stuck with them

Eagles tickets

They've already begun showing up on eBay. "DaCoach123" has at least 12 to sell, and posted his auction on Sept. 13th, six days before they went on sale. Hmm, now how does that happen?

Maybe he'll reply to me and let me know. Maybe no one will buy his.

Ohmygosh, another seller has two tickets for Dec. 2 in the same section and row I'll be in. Wonder which seats. I'll ask.

Shame on these people.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I did it again

Yesterday's paper said that a third Eagles concert was guaranteed if the first two were sold out. I haven't listened to the radio today and couldn't find any information about that online, so decided to go to Ticketmaster's site.

Whaddaya know, a third concert (December 2) was listed! When the heck did that happen?? Usually it takes a day or two before the announcement so people can prepare!

After I finished hyperventilating I fired up a few web browsers in my quest to get better tickets than I got today. Not bad, it's a little closer than one of the nights and a little farther than the other.

Three nights. Same songs. ($250 + fees) x 3 = $793.50.

The Eagles always put on top-notch 3-hour concerts, usually with three encores. And I always love every minute.

I might just be insane. Especially since I'll be by myself every single night :( At least I'll drive there with friends the second night, but will still sit among strangers.

Good thing I don't live on the mainland within driving distance of Butch Walker concerts. That'd be disastrous.

EDIT 9/18: I've since read that the first two concerts were close to selling out within two hours (7,000 tickets were sold within 20 minutes), prompting the addition of the third. I guess there were so many people still in line still trying to get tickets that instead of sending them all back home, they just made the date available then and there. Lucky people, to have had first shot at a new date, which is a FRIDAY, and better for nearly everyone, including those who already bought their Tuesday and/or Wednesday tickets.

Got 'em in my grubby little hand!

Eagles tickets!

What an adventure. I was there by 6:08 am, but didn't bother to start a line yet. I asked and was informed that, contrary to what I was told yesterday, I wouldn't be able to buy tickets for both nights without having to get in line all over again. I was crushed.

A couple other people later showed up so the three of us started the line. One guy had friends spread out at various Ticketmaster outlets as well as the Blaisdell Arena, and whomever got the best place in line would buy tickets for the rest. I called my friend and told her not to go to the Blaisdell Arena because it was crazy there, that some people were there since last night. Eventually, only about 15 more joined us when random numbers were passed out at 8:00. My friend and I went to breakfast and came back just before 9:00 when tickets would be sold. Another friend joined us at that time.

Then it got kind of nuts. I needed a ticket for different nights so was going to have the lady who was with me from the beginning (and received a lower-numbered token) buy it for me. But then I was told since I needed just one ticket for both nights and there really wasn't a crowd, that I'd be able to get both myself. My friend who had just joined us asked the lady to buy hers because she wanted to go that second night. All was settled..until people in front of us were finding out that seats in certain price ranges were already sold out -- within 10 minutes! People had to quickly decide to switch days and prices.

When it was my turn I told them I just needed one ticket for each night -- and was told that the $250 tickets were also sold out!! I know I blurted something unprintable, and begged them to try again because we knew that the $150 tickets were already gone, and I couldn't imagine getting seats any worse than that. My heart was beating fast and I was starting to freak. Eventually they realized that I just needed one ticket for each night, so started searching differently.

Happy ending: My friends had to upgrade from $65 to $95 because the cheap seats were sold out (they're horrible, anyway, behind the speakers, practically behind the stage!), and had to change nights. They ended up getting seats one seat away from my other friends! So everyone will be together, except me.

But don't pity me, I ended up getting great floor seats for both nights!

Maybe I'll do better if they announce a third concert. I certainly will try!

Friday, September 16, 2005


Been so long, I almost forgot why I love him

Noble activism to protect the environment and promote education, co-foundation of the Recording Artist's Coalition, articulate testimonies before Congress...just some of the reasons Don is my favorite Eagle.


Oh, and his music. His soulful voice. Best songwriter and most successful solo artist of the band. The best Eagles songs (IMO) were written and sung by Don.

Not all of the below may be well-known to non-fans, but these are some of what I consider some of his best solo efforts.

The Heart of the Matter
The Last Worthless Evening
Talking to the Moon
Taking You Home
The Unclouded Day
Goodbye to a River
The Heart of the Innocence
The Boys of Summer
Sunset Grill
A Month of Sundays
Dirty Laundry

I'm on my own

My two friends who originally were going to spring for the good seats have changed their minds, so while I'll be going with them to the Arena to see the Eagles in November, I'll sit by myself and wave to them waaaay up there in the nosebleed section. They''ll sit with two of my other friends while I enjoy my Eagles from the ___ row. (Hopefully tomorrow I can fill that space in with a number between 1 and 5!)

Then, on the second night I'll be down there in way-too-expensive seats again while two other friends that I'll probably drive over with sit in another section.

There was never a moment's hesitation. From the second I heard The Eagles were coming to Hawaii, I knew I'd pay as much as it took to get as close as I could.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy. What they don't understand is that we're talking about The Eagles, the only band I followed to both the East and West coast, and once in-between. No other band has such a special place in my heart. Actually, if Don Henley weren't in the band, I'm not sure I'd be doing this...he's the man.

A friend told me she heard on the radio that a third performance might be in the works. No bout adout it, if that materializes, I'll be there, too.

Took out $550 in cash this evening so I could save a little bit on the fees tomorrow. Ticketmaster has changed their tactics; they now have a sliding scale for their outrageous, excessive, price-gouging practice: for each $250 ticket paid by credit card, the fee is over $18. I'll save a few bucks each ticket by paying in cash. Whoopie.

I'm hoping this ridiculous add-on will deter most people from standing in line at the Ticketmaster outlet I'll be at, and go to the Blaisdell Arena itself where the charge is just $2 per ticket! The downside to going there is if you intend to buy tickets for both nights (like I am), you'd have to get in two separate lines. Yeah.

For my Eagles, I'll bite the bullet (but curse Ticketmaster under my breath) and pay the exorbitant fee twice because I was told I could purchase tickets for both nights at the same time at the outlet.

Kinda bummed that I won't be able to share the experience with friends, but maybe I'll make new ones :) That's part of the reason I'll buy my tickets in person instead of online. It'll be cool to be lined up with other Eagles fans. It's been so long.

Gonna pack my iPod and other provisions so I'm set for tomorrow morning! Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Eagles in Hawaii November 29 & 30!



The last time they were here was 10 years ago, Nov. 6, 1995, to be exact. I remember because it was Glenn Frey's birthday. The production was such a big deal and cost them so much to fly out all their equipment for only one night at the Aloha Stadium that it made the news. They said they wouldn't be returning since they ended up losing money on the gig (top ticket prices were "only" $85, pretty much unheard of for Hawaii at the time).

Well, something (greed? nah, can't be!) must've changed their mind because they'll be back at the end of November for two nights at the Blaisdell Arena!

Some of you know how that one Hawaii concert led to me flying out for many others on the mainland, including a string of 'em along the East Coast. That was the first and only road trip I went on with fellow fans I'd met online, but it was the great way to see five concerts in as many states! The most extravagant Eagles concert had to have been their Millennium Concert on Dec. 31, 1999 as we all rang in the New Year at midnight. People balk at the price, but to me, it was worth the $1K per ticket. My last concert was in August 2001 when they opened the Invesco Field in Colorado. I gave up after that; it really wasn't worth it for me to fly out and hear pretty much the same material time after time. Their long-awaited CD never materialized and rumor has it that it probably won't. They may also call it quits soon and not have a "Farewell II" tour, which was the reason they call their current one the "Farewell I".

Whew, I get one last chance. Tickets go on sale this Saturday for $65, $95, $150, and $250 a pop. Guess which one I want :) I can't remember (and can't find my old ticket), but I think we were in the 5th row in 1995. Or was it the 10th? I need to do better this time, since it'll probably be the last time I ever see them together. Don Henley's new CD will be coming out soon and he'll go on tour, so I know there will be a time I'll catch him in the future.

Anyone want to join me on Nov. 29th or 30th..or both??

EDIT 9/12: Whee! A couple of my friends are willing to part w/$250 and accompany me to the first concert! Others also plan to attend, but will opt for less-expensive seats.

My friend confirmed that we had 5th row seats in '95. I remember being at a later Eagles concert, sitting in the 10th row, and thinking it seemed closer to the stage than Aloha Stadium's 5th row.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

"5 Days with Katrina"

A must-see

If this were a Hollywood movie, critics might say it started off too slowly. But this is definitely no movie, though the serendipitous ending might make it seem so.

Alvaro's 197-picture slide show with captions gives an incredible first-person account of the city as it weathered the storm, and how people were relieved and optimistic when most parts emerged mostly unscathed. The city and its people changed two days later when the floods came and they barely made it out intact.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Steve Wozinack's Philosophy on Living Life

Don't know Woz?

From today's Macsimum interview with Steve Wozinack:

"Life is measured by your happiness, basically smiles minus frowns. You have a choice in this regard at every step. All people should be treated fairly, evenly and justly, to the greatest extent possible. Nothing is black and white. You don’t have to win arguments to be happy, just know that your own opinions are good. Be a good person that others would like, golden rule. Be open, show your true self, don’t hide behind facades. There is room for humor in everything."

Monday, September 05, 2005

I can't even imagine how it must be lose everything

Instead of complaining about
  • my old house w/clogged pipes and drains
  • humidity and heat
  • FUR all over everything
  • inconvenience and stress at work
  • traffic
  • self-absorbed people

I should be thankful for my
  • roomy old home
  • ..with water and electricity
  • sweet, good-natured catsicle
  • job
  • ..that pays for the gas in my car
  • friends and family
There are so many now who have none of the above. Again, if you haven't yet, consider making a donation.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Got more candles

But won't attempt to write any more poems :>

Hallmark had a 50% off sale on some items, so I picked up a couple of yummy-smelling candles and a great three-screened bamboo-designed candle holder that goes with other bamboo-designed candle holders I have. Can't wait for the sun to go down so I can fire 'em up. (Yeah, I know I can light them now, but the effect won't be the same.)

bamboo_candleholder1 bamboo_candleholder3 bamboo_candleholder2

Been shopping every weekend since I came back from my trip, I think. Yikes. At least today I hemmed the two pairs of jeans I got at Wet Seal last week. One has embroidered flowers, even Rocky thinks it's so c-uuute! And I'm not even a flower person.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

in the dark

it's not a lot of money
or a lot of time
but they keep asking only me

i might need something, too
yet they never think to ask

i sit here alone
with my wine and my cat
in candlelight
and wonder what it might be


Friday, September 02, 2005

Not again

Left home late, puttered along with too many others at less than 5 mph for approximately 7 miles, for no apparent reason.

It's like, deja vu all over..oh no, please, no repeat of yesterday!

7:04 am
Traffic finally lets up at the main downtown exit and we were able to gain near-freeway speed..for two minutes.


7:06 am
Traffic grinds to a halt for miles. Radio reports a multi-car accident ahead. Ohgoody.

Things that could be worse: I could BE in that accident. I could be in Louisiana or Mississippi instead of beautiful, grid-locked Hawaii that hasn't been hit by a hurricane in over a decade. I could be in a crappy car with no stash of great tunes burned on to mp3 CDs.

7:20 am
An ambulance squeezes its way through our non-moving, bumper-to-bumper traffic. Radio reports that at least two lanes (of a three-lane freeway) are closed.

Things that could be better: I could be wasting less precious gas. I could be at work and get to pee!!

7:54 am
I finally reach the scene of the accident and can see the flashing lights. Suddenly the fire truck extracts itself, the lanes are opened right in front of me, and traffic begins to flow once again.

Things that are OK: Despite the inconvenience, I've actually enjoyed the wonderful (not-that-hot-at-this-time) weather, and the opportunity to listen to my CDs of Foo Fighters, Low Millions, Ben Folds, Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, and more. Otherwise I usually only listen to my obsession, Butch.

8:04 am
Pull into parking lot. A one hour and eighteen minute ride for a 14-mile trip.

Several other teachers haven't rolled in yet. Bummer, not the best way to start the day.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

iTunes, Yahoo makes it easy to donate, again

American Red Cross

[My memory must've failed me; the links to donate after the 9/11 tragedy probably didn't go through PayPal as I noted in yesterday's post.]

In any case, iTunes, Yahoo, and others have handy-dandy buttons with pre-set donation amounts, 100% of which will go to the Red Cross. iTunes includes $5 and $10 donation buttons; Yahoo's starts at $25 and goes to $5000.


The situation is extremely dire: Houston's Astrodome is turning away refugees, survivors are living among corpses, lawlessness abounds. Not sure how our donations will help in all situations, but Red Cross volunteers have been deployed and are trying to supply the victims with crucial necessities and gains will be made. Please consider donating generously.

Hey, people!

Be safe & be careful!

As of today, Hawaii has the distinction of being the only state presently implementing a price cap on gasoline. Very bad timing. Prices will now be even higher than ever imagined since it's hinged on prices in the Gulf states, where refineries have been damaged by Hurricane Katrina. The gas station near my house was selling regular for $2.95. Surely will break $3.00 by tomorrow morning, tho nowhere near Georgia's $6.00.

Traffic has been worse than usual. Drivers seem to be taking out the stress they feel on their wallets on others on the road. This morning, in the light rain, we were all toodling along on the freeway at about 10 mph when I heard a screeech and three loud crunches. I watched in my rear view mirror as a large red pickup truck plowed his way across at three lanes of traffic at an angle, and came to rest a scant couple of feet before the median. It must've flown onto the freeway from an onramp, realized too late that it couldn't really go anywhere, then skidded in the rain and kind of just pushed the other vehicles out of the way.

The trip home was less eventful, but much longer. Took me just over an hour to travel 14 miles, and I left just before 6:00 pm! Thank goodness for my stash of mp3 CDs and the beeeautiful rainbows along the way. (At the speed we were traveling I could stick my head out and gaze at the rainbows.) I had the windows and sunroof open (no, I didn't stick my head out of there), music blasting, and didn't even mind the slight drizzle. When traffic finally opened up a few miles from my home, people started behaving badly: overtaking on shoulders, speeding up to cut others off, basically releasing their pent-up frustrations over the past hour or so.

After the ridiculously long drive, I decided to treat myself to a barbecue chicken plate (no rice, extra veggies) at the mall, but, wouldn't you know it, there was no parking. Didn't feel like walking from one end to the other, so just took my cute little car home. Which is what others should do. There are way too many of us on this island..

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

His name was Tommy

the white cat who was hit by the pick-up truck

I finally had the nerve to ask my mother to finish telling me about the cat she and another woman had found lying near the median where she walked.

She said that the owner who came out and recognized it as her cat cradled its head and said softly, "Oh, Tommy, Tommy...I'm so sorry..."


If that was my baby-cat, I would have wailed to the heavens, then run out into the traffic. But that's just me.

Hurricane Katrina tragedy

f*cken looters are just making it worse

I only know one person living in Louisiana, and, thankfully, he and his wife and doggie are safe. They're in Shreveport, which wasn't affected, but, ohmygosh, New Orleans may not recover for years.

The stories coming out of Mississippi and New Orleans are just terrible. And all the thousands of poor people who lost their homes and took shelter in the broken-down Superdome who will have to move (or have moved already) to the Astrodome in Texas...nearly 25,000, ohmy. They're saying they could be there for weeks..!

Yeah, I just said in the entry below that human tragedies don't affect me as much as sad animal tales, but I guess I lied. The story of the woman whose common-law husband died while she was out trying to get help and the difficulty she had getting assistance with taking his body to the morgue; the suffering and loss; and just about every article I read in the papers is almost too heartbreaking to take. (I rarely watch TV so haven't seen much in the way of disaster footage, thank goodness.)

But the looters breaking into stores and even hospitals, and crazies who are robbing and attacking people as needy as they are, should be shot by those in authority who also seem to be losing control as well as their grasp of what's right and wrong. Oh, never mind, it seems that they're already been shooting it out.

People need to fr*cken BEHAVE and HELP each other, dammit! Tragedies can bring out the worst in human nature. But, as in the case of 9/11, it can also bring out the best. Maybe the media is focusing on mostly the worst, for some reason, but I feel like people are truly taking advantage of the situation. I mean, what the hell are they going to do with so many TVs, shoes, iPods, whatever??

Want to help ? I was hoping there'd be a nifty little PayPal link like there was for 9/11 donations, but I didn't see one yet. But there is this (

Monday, August 29, 2005

Kept trying to tell her to stop

I'll find out more..when I can take it

I was at my mother's house and she started to tell me about her walk back from the mall today. She saw something on the street across the bank, right where the median started. As she approached, the object came clearer into view and she realized it was a large white cat, perfectly still. Lying there. With its eyes open.

It was still warm.

I told her to stop telling me any more, that I didn't want to hear.

She continued, said it didn't look injured at all, and told how a woman made a U-turn in the street, parked, and came over. The woman told her that she had just seen a white pick-up truck hit the cat and not even slow down as it left the scene. The woman pulled the cat by its feet to the side of the road and said she'd take it home to give it a decent burial. My mother said a little prayer for it and told it that it was loved.

I backed away and told her to stop talking. She asked, "Why? It's reality." I didn't need reality and walked quickly to the door.

She spoke faster and louder as I was making my escape, saying that another woman from across the street came out to see what was going on. In a heavy accent, the woman told them that the cat looked like hers.

I rushed for the door and was halfway out.

The woman turned the cat over and confirmed that it was.

I screamed as I slammed the door shut.


Breathless and freaked, I rushed home to Rocky Raccoon and told he never was to go out of the house ever again because there are people in white pickup trucks who kill cats. And I hugged and cried on him 'til he couldn't stand it.

It's been hours, and it was still difficult to type this tonight. Kinda hard with tears streaming down your face.

I'll have to ask my mom for the rest of the story..when I'm strong enough to hear it. (She's annoyed with me that I ran out on her.) Tragic tales about humans don't affect me the way animal stories do. Don't bother telling me, I've always know that my priorities were screwed.

Rocky Raccoon, JUST RESTING, as I blog

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Safety Information

"This product should not be used on swollen or inflamed areas or skin eruptions. Do not use on unexplained calf pain. Consult a physician. "

Why would one use it on calf pain? And why is it so expensive? Ah, must be the remote control feature..

Before you think less (or more) of me, I know nothing about this product, just found the link on another blog.

Friday, August 26, 2005

What. A. Week.

Re-entry back to school was more difficult than in past years, but then, I knew it would be. I was just trying to avoid the inevitable.

Our school is undergoing renovations, which means every little specks in classrooms (and computer labs!) need to be boxed and removed, then unceremoniously crammed back in. Students and teachers have to be relocated, and oftentimes, doubled up in their temporary quarters.

Boxes, furniture, and equipment end up where they shouldn't. The most important items go missing.

Fingernails get broken :(

Our lab is still a maze of boxes and computer parts, and I lug in my laptop every day because while we've helped to set up teachers in their classrooms, we're still a mess ourselves in the lab.

On top of everything, some very disturbing events have unfolded. A rep at a large computer retail store (can you say 'dumbass CompUSA' ??) dropped the ball and may have caused us to lose over $36K in Federal technology monies, which we've been dependent on for the last couple of years. You don't f*ck around with Federal grants, and I've always made sure every thing was proper to the last decimal place, but after today's revelation, I was wondering just how much trouble we could be in.

sidster wondered tonight if I'd have to go to jail.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Back to the grind

Or How I Spent the Last Week of My Summer Vacation

School will start for students on Tuesday, but you wouldn't think so by the state of some of the classrooms undergoing renovation. Most of the boxes and computers are stacked up in the lab (where I live), but the furniture is still out in the hall, interior painting isn't done (and might not ever be since the painters walked off the job a few days ago), and everything is covered with a layer of paint dust and other debris. At least we got our lights hooked up yesterday.

*Sigh* I'm not enjoying the craziness at work, but it's good to be back home to my own old house and my own mellow fat cat. Freakazoid Frankie kitty is the most aggressive, chomp-crazy feline I've ever met. I've got the bite marks and scratches to prove it. Lucky thing for him that he's cute and tiny.

Seeing Butch live was pretty much everything I expected it to be, and it was great to be able to sneak down to the floor section and sit with a fellow fan the second night. I'll definitely need to go to one of his headlining tours when the timing is right. It's not aways easy to just fly off to the mainland during the work week.

While I didn't go shopping much, I did stop by some places I've always thought Hawaii could use: Ikea, Olive Garden, and of course, Trader Joe's. On Sunday we met up with my brother at The Grove, which is a cool collection of stores, restaurants, and a theater (similar to Universal City Walk, but a little more upscale). Right next to The Grove is the historic Farmer's Market; a maze of vendors, various ethnic restaurants, and little shops.

Krispy Kreme gives out entire doughnuts as samples when their Hot Doughnuts Now sign is lit.

Movie ticket prices are $10 in LA. Gas is even more expensive than here, but varies widely, even within gas stations across the street from each other.

LA drivers have got to be the worst. Well, maybe not as bad as the crazies in big cities on the East Coast. I've gained a new appreciation for our safe-but-slow Hawaii drivers.

Smog sucks.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Reliving the moment(s)

Sifted through the hundreds of Butch pictures

My camera isn't the greatest for taking pictures in the evening from far distances, but I did manage to get a few decent ones from the hundreds I took.



I thought this would cure me

I was sort of hoping that once I got to see Butch in person I'd be cured of my obsession, but it didn't turn out that way. Eight songs is not enough. Two brief concerts is not enough. Most of all, I need to have a better picture of us together. The first night we were told we couldn't take pictures while in line, so snunk this one in.


On the second night we got smarter, but my camera wasn't cooperating and I was frantically urging my friend to take the darn shot already! because the staff/rent-a-cop was telling me to hurry and move on.


Butch is great. He answered my questions, signed my stuff, even spoke on the phone to a fan in Hawaii when her friend (with whom I sat on the second night) asked him to.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

*cough* *cough*

monitor on airplane

I don't remember LA being so smoggy before. About 10 minutes out of the airport my eyes actually began to burn and I have a sore throat. Haven't slept for about 30 hours (that might have something to do with it), but I'm here!

Saw some big@ss crows (we don't have such critters in Hawaii) and played w/a freakazoid kitty. When my friend comes back from work we'll need to go shopping for provisions (gotta check out Trader Joe's Two Buck Chucks) and basic necessities this bachelor pad is missing. I discovered a huge jug of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum in his fridge, probably from the last time I was here, years ago. All I need for a party now is OJ and cranberry juice!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Gotta be a good sign

Gap's free iTunes song promotion started today, and just swung by on my way as I went to the bank. Figured I'd just try on a pair and get the card for the free iTunes song.

I was rushing in, but the music playing stopped dead in my tracks -- it was Butch's "Maybe It's Just Me"!! A salesgirl greeted me and asked me how I was doing, and I couldn't help but gush that I suddenly was having a great day because I'll be leaving to go to his concerts and no one plays Butch since no one knows who he is... She must've thought I was nuts :)

But not only did I try on a pair of jeans, I decided to get them (and used my 10% coupon, to boot). I hope I can hem them NOW and wear them on the plane and at at the concert!

That's the iTunes card sitting on my brand new jeans below.


Saturday, August 06, 2005

I should start to pack

But not really in the mood

The event I'd been looking forward to for months and was going to end my summer with a bang has petered out and fizzled.

I really should start packing for my trip, but can't seem to summon up the energy. I'm usually excited when I go on vacation, but am actually now dreading the upcoming week. Oh, I'll still get to see Butch in concert. Alone. Well, with about 5000 others, about 4500 of them screaming Avril fan preteenies.


Friday, August 05, 2005

Another concert: Collective Soul

September 11, 2005

Collective Soul will perform here on Sept. 11 in a concert benefiting the Windows of Hope Family Relief Fund. [The Fund was formed after 9/11 to provide aid to families of the World Trade Center victims who worked in the food, beverage, and hospitality professions at the WTC. Heather Ho, who grew up in Hawaii, was one of those who died in the attack.]

I've always liked Collective Soul, and while I did see them in concert a few years ago at the Kaneohe Bayfest, I'd love to check 'em out again at Pipeline Cafe. I've got their earlier CDs and a few songs from their latest, but didn't realize they're from Georgia, just like my latest obsession. No wonder Butch performed on their song "Over Tokyo" (Blender, 2000). Gotta dig that one out now...


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Summer vacation coming to an end

Thank goodness.

I know I'm an ingrate, but this was the first time I felt that my summer vacation was too long. It'll be my last of the long summer breaks, since all public schools will be on the same modified schedule next year. In fact, next year's transition will make the summer break of 2006 the shortest one ever (June 8 - July 27). Yeah, I know that's still long for anyone who doesn't get school-related time off. Sorry.

So you'd have thunk I'd take advantage of it. But no, I squandered it away.

I didn't work out, wasn't too productive, didn't solve any world problems. Just took care of the usual appointments and chores that are easier to do during time off, but pretty much let most of the summer slip through my fingers. I'm actually feeling guilty because I usually work during the summer and take classes, but the couple of classes and work I did from home this summer didn't amount to all that much.

Gonna end it on a high note, though. My girlfriend and I will replace our Starbucks Saturday with a "happy hour" at a nearby beach, then I'll fly off for my two Butch Walker concerts in LA.

New development tonight: Just found out I might have to find my own way to the concerts. Very sad since I wanted to share the experience, but I'm being pressured to do something I can't do. Someone's bound to regret this...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

When you care enough to send the very best*

..of your cheating heart

The new Secret Lover Collection of greeting cards is exclusively for people having affairs.

Evidently there's a large enough market for these. I'm rolling my eyes and shaking my head too much to think of anything else to say.

* apologies to Hallmark

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Elvis Costello in concert -- here!

Yeah, in Hawaii!

It was announced before I attended his wife's (Diana Krall) concert last May that he would be performing with our Honolulu Symphony in the spring.

My subconscious must've remembered, because, for some reason, for the past few weeks I've been downloading and listening to a lot of his music. Then today I found out that tickets for his March 31-April 1, 2006 (!) concerts go on sale on Monday!

Woohoo! I'm hoping his late 70s-early 80s stuff, but he'll be performing with the Symphony, so I'm not sure what we'll get. His music ranges from new wave to classics, from jazz to torch ballads.

I don't care. I'm always just so grateful when artists/bands bother to stop by and I'm able to enjoy them. Of course, the rockin'er the better, but I'll take what I can get.


Friday, July 29, 2005

No extra Butch concert in LA

such disappointing news

Just found out that Butch's "secret" show won't be a go for Los Angeles. There'll be no extra full-length concert held separately from his too-brief opening gigs for Avril/Gavin at the Greek Theatre.


I just hope I don't miss out on his Meet & Greets after his sets. But I'll probably stand there like an idiot and not be able to mumble out anything coherent.