Friday, May 27, 2005

The Eagles on NBC, June 1st

Live from Australia

Ooh. My original obsession (well, after Elvis), The Eagles, will have a two-hour TV special showcasing their Farewell I tour. Taped during their Melbourne, Australia performance, I'll finally get to see and hear their two new songs, "No More Cloudy Days" and "One Day at a Time". New songs come few and far between, which is why I quit going to their concerts a couple of years ago. I would hear and see the same stuff so I vowed not to go again 'til new material came out.

This is what will be on their 2-disc DVD, which will be released next month. Their new CD, though, seems to be forever delayed.

And rumor now has it that while their "Farewell I" tour was called that in jest, there may not be a "Farewell II" tour...ohno. I'll have to catch them before they call it quits, if they ever do. It seemed that they'd just play on forever.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Too much wine can make ya..



Yeah, that's what Butch appears to be doing with his beloved red wine, and that's pretty much the effect this newly-posted picture had on me! I know this is a passing obsession, and I know he looks kinda, um, gay (not that there's anything wrong with that), and I never cared for tattoos, but there's just somethin' about him that makes me..drool ;) For now. 'Til I get over him.

Charisma, attitude, stage presence, hell-of-a-talent..and yeah, pics like this.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sand-blasted and picked over.. the name of vanity

[Warning: semi-gross and probably more information than I should share]

My first ever sand-blasting, aka micro-derm abrasion, session went well last week, but I think yesterday's over-zealous facial and subsequent spot-removal solution cancelled it out. And may have scarred me for life, if not physically, then emotionally. (Yeah, I'm exaggerating for emphasis.)

For a couple of years now I've always wanted to try micro-derm abrasion. Last month I won a couple of facial-type gift certificates from one of our newspaper's online auctions and have started to redeem them. I was quite pleased with first treatment, but results from yesterday's follow-up and skin-lightening gel were unexpected, to say the least. The initial massage and facial were great, but I encouraged her to pick away at bumps & stuff, so now I have little dried-blood scablets on my forehead and cheek. But the weirdest part was when I applied the skin-lightening gel. I tried it for the first time last night, just before going to bed. It stung a bit, but I attributed that to the fact the my face was still pretty beaten up from the facial and skin-picking. When I woke up, my skin didn't look too good, but I went ahead and applied the darn thing again -- and freaked as I stood there watching my face turn a lovely shade of RED! Any dark areas that I was trying to lighten became DARKER as my skin felt as if was slowly gonna burn and peel off of my face. I resisted removing the gel in the hopes that it would subside, but eventually ran to the sink to douse the flames.

Of course, I had to go out and meet a friend for coffee looking like that. Tried to cover up w/make up, but I know my face still looked inflamed. I told her about it and she was kind and didn't laugh out loud. Later, I met another friend for lunch, but didn't mention it (he's a guy, I know he wouldn't care), and don't know if he noticed the scabs or residual redness that mostly subsided by then. [He reads this periodically, maybe he will comment - hint, hint - to let me know!]

*sigh* I shoulda known this wouldn't have proceeded without a hitch. So now I look crappier than before. I think. Damn. It sucks getting old.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Oh yeah

Pre-sale tix went on sale today

Of all days to have four meetings, back to back!! I wasn't able to get to the lab to check email 'til around 4:00 so never knew that I had received a message that internet presale tickets had gone on sale at 10:00 am!!

I'll be seeing Butch at his two LA concerts, but wish the seats could've been better, like close enough to be in the spit 'n' sweat zone. Eww. I'll live, but hope the Greek Theatre allows pathetic fans who flew across the Pacific to inch their way to the front.

Unfortunately, this will no longer be Butch's headliner tour, but his "amphitheater" tour with Avril Lavigne and Gavin McGraw. I'll be the old one there amongst teeny-boppers, the same teeny-boppers who purchased the best tickets at 10:00 am!


Sunday, May 15, 2005

This is the face of a dinosaur killer

Don't let his good looks fool ya


I was too late this time. I didn't notice that Rocky had found that poor dinosaur that he terrorized and injured the other day in the washroom. I didn't notice him pass me while I was having coffee and reading the Sunday paper in my kitchen. I did notice some sounds and thought that was odd since Rocky was supposedly in the washroom, but I dismissed it as sounds coming from outside. Only when I went upstairs and saw Rocky lying on the floor next to his towel did I wonder why he was playing there when just a little while ago he was crying for me to let him into the washroom. He was staring intently at his towel, which was messed up as if there had been a struggle (tho he does fight with his towel on occasion). As I straightened up the towel I found it -- and screamed.

It was the poor huge, tail-less, dinosaur on its back, with white underbelly exposed. Couldn't bring myself to take a picture of it, but did snap a shot of the big, bad, dinosaur hunter.

EDITED 8:45 pm:

Damn cat! I guess while I was vacuuming his crazy fur upstairs he managed to catch yet another dinosaur in the washroom but this time took it into his bathroom to torture!! I found the poor thing badly bruised and barely alive, and took him outside where I hope he'll recuperate. I'm pretty sure it was the one I saw him stalking earlier today. The strange thing is those dinosaurs don't seem to hang out on walls and ceilings like our ever-popular geckos, but instead prefer to scurry on the ground and climb objects. Don't they know that cats can catch 'em that way? If they don't know now, I hope they learn soon!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Put a bunch of teacher types together..

..and they will end up trying on each others' shoes

Well, that's what happened to some of us last night. 'Course, that was well into the evening as we helped our hostess clean out her liquor cabinet because she'll be moving soon. (Mmm, Grand Marnier..) We barely made a dent so there may be a Part II if she and her hubby don't finish it all off at their block party.

I did take pictures, but I also promised not to post them on our school's website or on any of my blogs. Aww.

When my friend took me back to school to pick up my car we saw (and heard!!) an owl up in a nearby tree. Apparently a family of at least three hang out there at night, but I've never seen them before (try not to be at school that late). The picture is pretty crappy. The owl was waay up high so we aimed my flashlight on it so at least I'd have half a chance finding it with the camera, which is probably why it looks yellow. I don't know how to take distant pictures in the dark; I'm lucky I was able to even find the owl! The original pictures were actually black, but Photoshop's levels helped quite a bit.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Rocky's much better today, thank goodness

We're not so stinky around here today, but we're still pretty gross. When I let him out into the washroom this evening (where a centipede was last week), he was there for just a few minutes before coming back in. Turns out he had a large dinosaur in his mouth and was bringing into the kitchen to play with or something. I screamed at him, made him run back into the washroom and drop it near the washing machine, where it scurried under to hide. It left a long tail behind, though.

Oh. The tail was long and intact when I saw it hours ago, but now it's bloodied, broken in two, and looks kind of like a chicken bone:

dinosaur tail

Poor dinosaur :( As much as I hate them for eating our pretty green anole chameleons, I still like lizards and don't want to see them hurt. Or made into cat toys.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

You know how some people say they can detect bullshit?

I need someone like that -- who can detect CATshit!

[Warning: this entry is kind of gross]

I came home today to the sound of Rocky crying to be let out, as usual, but also to the SMELL of wetsh*t!! He had the wetsh*ts once before because of some parasite; don't know what caused it this time. I'm thinking he may have eaten some grass yesterday that had been sprayed with weed killer, or he caught a stomach bug again. Whichever, it's DISGUSTING!

Poor kitty, at least he obviously kept going into his bathroom to do his stinky business repeatedly while I was out, but if you know cats, they don't like to do it where it's already been done. And there's just one litter box in his bathroom, so...

Cleaning the bathroom wasn't the worst of it, it's finding where he sat throughout the day! He's a long-haired cat, with long butt hairs, and wetsh*t is still all over that area. I've been trying to track down and wipe up the buttsmears downstairs on the linoleum, but I know I'm missing some. I've even found one at the top of the stairs, but can't see them on carpet and I don't feel like crawling around the house with my nose to the floor.

I've been trying to brush his butt to pull of the sh*t-matted hair, and it's a funny sight to see him turning around and sitting down so I can't reach him while I'm yelling at him, "Don't sit down, you'll leave another shi*tsmear!!

I hope whatever he has clears up tonight, although he went again (in a fresh litter box) a little while ago. Poor stinky kitty.

My mother's idea last time to cut his butt hairs short sounds good now, but it's way easier said than done.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

We should all hang out in the shade of a mango tree once in a while

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Rocky's got the right idea.