Saturday, December 24, 2005

Have a Warm & Fuzzy Christmas

Best wishes for the holidays from Rocky and me


U2 in Hawaii?!

No longer just wishful thinking

The radio announced it, rumor websites are all abuzz, so it MUST be true!

(slightly doctored image)

It's that time of year

.. to paint the toenails and fingernails red-green-red-green (with white Christmas trees on the big toes!) ..

.. to buy stuff and have others pay for it (like this too-orange, but oh-so-cute sushicat t-shirt) ..


.. to receive goodies in time for the holidays (new Butch Walker DVD, free camera phone) ..


.. for good times and good friends!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Scaled-down Carnival of Sins

Motley Crue concert

I'm vertically challenged, as you can see from the pretty crappy pictures taken from the 17th row at last night's concert. I have lots of shots of people's hands and backs of heads, because THAT'S ABOUT ALL I COULD SEE!! Since there was an aisle in front of our row, much-larger guys kept getting in front of me (and kept getting kicked back by security). In fact, when I first got to my seat (after missing the first song, Shout at the Devil, dammit), there were a bunch of huge guys standing there because our group hadn't arrived yet.

They didn't bring all their tour props and special effects, but there was enough smoke and fire to satisfy everyone. I couldn't see some of the "extras" (strippers, midget, etc.) because some of their antics were done low on the stage and I couldn't see with all those tall people in my way! Not that I really needed to see the midget being walked on a leash by a stripper, but hey, I paid over $70 and wouldn't have minded the full effect. You can see some of what I saw in the pics below.

click to view slide show

Tried to join someone I knew who was in the 5th row but couldn't because security was checking tickets at the 16th row. During one of the encores I decided to go for it, climbed over a chair, only to be blocked by a guard. I'm short and harmless, and wouldn't have taken up much room. They shoulda let me go. Other guys were pushing their way to the front, but most were being "escorted" back.

Vince Neil's voice is pretty shot, but the hyped-up crowd sang better than he did and helped him along. Even after his recent facelift and makeover I still thought he looked pretty pudgy.

Mick Mars's degenerative disease didn't prevent him from blowing the crowd away.

Nikki SIxx was..Nikki Sixx. I can see why Butch Walker digs him.

Tommy Lee sounded great, but I couldn't really tell you much more becauseI COULDN'T SEE HIM until he stood up at his drum kit and later came out to the front as they all said their "Alohas". He held up a bottle of Jagermeister and thanked everyone repeatedly.

Someone at work who sat up in the nosebleed section told me today that the sound was muffled and people up there pretty much sat in their seats the whole time. I can tell you the floor was a huge party, with all the seats folded and everyone singing and screaming and whistling and dancing and holding up their arms and..BLOCKING MY WAY, unfortunately. But I had a great time and wished the two hour show would go on longer.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


'Tis the season


Rocky snuck up there the other day when I was decorating our tree. He didn't pose well with the tree itself, though did try to "mark" it as his!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Eagles concert slideshows

OK, it seems that some people missed the two links to the photos of the Eagles concert at the bottom of the previous entry. Hmmph, they probably didn't want to read my ramblings all the way through ;)

I like Flickr's little slideshows. Clicking on each picture below will lead you to the slideshow pages for the pictures, but not the actual photos themselves.

11.29.05_iblog_sml.jpg     12.03.05_iblog_sml.jpg

Monday, December 05, 2005

Aloha, Eagles

It was a great week


The Eagles landed in Honolulu for four incredible concerts that I was fortunate to see from great floor seats. (Not that I sat in them for long.) While I'd been to quite a few Eagles concerts years ago, it was obvious that many around me hadn't, and the crowd LOVED them! It's such a huge (and rare) deal when bands as incredible as the Eagles come our way, and to put on four Honolulu concerts and one Maui show is simply amazing.

One review call the crowd "sedate" and "somnambulant". I'll tell ya why: the security MADE people sit. I spoke to a security guy on the second night who said that they got "yelled at" the night before by the Eagles' security guys who insist that anyone in Rows 5 and beyond do NOT stand until "The Long Run" (song just before intermission). LIke that's easy to enforce.

I was solo the first three nights but was able to bring a friend down from her nosebleed section the second night to join me at intermission on what she now refers to as the "dance floor". The whole experience is so much better when you're with friends!

I kind of made a few new ones, too. Two ladies who partied with me the second night, and two others from the last night who I shared my pictures with. On the third night a guy directly behind me kept grabbing me by the shoulders to tell me that I sure knew how to party, and that of all the people there, I was probably having the best time. Gee, do you think it showed?

I snuck in a camera and managed to not get it confiscated, though on the last night I came very close. Most of the pictures didn't turn out too well, but here are the best of the bunch: nine from the first night and four more from the last.