Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Generations Apart

Butch Walker fans / Eagles fans

A message posted on the Butch Walker message board today:

how can all of you afford to travel so much to these shows? do your parents pay for it? im just curious since it seems like a lot of you travel to a bunch of the shows on a tour.

An earlier post from the Eagles board:

I took my daughter, 13 years old at the time, along to Earls Court to complete her musical education. Having grown up with me as her dad she had little option but to listen to the Eagles (I believe in bringing up chidren properly) and was going through a phase of listening to the "Eagles Live" album, enthusing particularly about "Seven Bridges Road".

I shall never, ever forget the look in her eyes when the concert opened with that very song.

After the Eagles concerts next week, I probably won't be seeing them for a while, if ever. I've actually outgrown them, but felt obligated to go to all four Honolulu concerts since they'll probably not come this way again. While I wouldn't fit in the crowd that follows Butch on tour, I'd love to be able to catch him a couple of times a year. It sucks to be thousands of miles away, in the middle of an ocean. But at least I don't have to have my parents subsidize my habits. (To their credit, most of the younguns who do follow Butch earn their own money or save up their allowances...)

Of course, when I hear The Eagles' perfect five-part harmony perform Seven Bridges Road a cappella next week, I won't be thinking about Butch a bit.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I've lost that blogging feeling

Wow, it's been two weeks since I last posted an entry. Haven't even felt like stopping in on other people's blogs. If I make it through next weekend, I'll probably check in here more consistently. Next weekend will be the real test.

Don't really wanna bitch about things that haven't been going right, so scraps of silver linings are:
  • The long-awaited 30 lab computers arrived at school and were set up
  • My fundraiser from hell will hit its do-or-die climax (uh, probably not the right word) next weekend
  • A club I used to frequent , The Wave Waikiki, celebrated its 25th anniversary the other night and I got to go
  • Macy's had some pretty decent stuff on sale today for 70% off
With the exception of the last item, the others should be appended with "but..." since there's way more crap behind them than meets the eye.

And I guess last month's splurges were bad timing. Four $250 Eagles tickets (plus crappy Ticketmaster fees), $80 Motley Crue ticket (plus crappy Ticketmaster fees), computer, projector, printer, digital camera, and my usual clothes, shoes, whatever actually added up to more than my recently-reduced account can handle. Darn, and I thought transferring the "extra" money out of it wouldn't make a difference. Hah. Forgot I live on a teacher's salary.

Ooh, Rocky Raccoon reminded me he's got a secret and he's not.. you know.. letting the cat out of the bag =^.^=