Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Get paid to spread the love

Get your mind out of the gutter.

It was officially announced that an Apple Store will be opening at the mall near my home, and Mac Specialists (otherwise known as sales flunkies) are currently being hired to "Get paid to spread the love". I think I could do that.

Apple's website didn't seem to list the soon-to-be store yet, but craigslist did and, according to the description, I might just fit the bill:

• You get excited about the latest and greatest and can not wait to share with everyone - Yep, even when they don't want to hear it
• You love Apple technology and are ready to inspire a whole new generation Apple addicts - ooh yeah! Like putty in my hands!
• You can translate “techno-speak” into layman’s terms - Do that on a daily basis at work, but with PCs (eww)

According to Apple, it's an opportunity "To delight. Impress. Advise. Engage. Inspire."

I've been told before that I should work there, especially after I helped several people to purchase their computers/iPods, even walking them through it in person.

I'd like to say I'd do it for the passion, but in reality retail sucks, the Apple/Mac-related training probably is minimal (they bank on their "specialists" coming in with prior knowledge) and one such "specialist" told me the pay was around $8/hr. Employee discounts are what I'd hang in for, especially if it increases w/the number of purchases made. Ooh, I'd get to keep the employee t-shirts, won't I?

Just for kicks I think I'll email the contact person.