Sunday, December 10, 2006

U2's last night, last night

End of Vertigo Tour

  1. another concert t-shirt to add to my collection
  2. closest I could get to the floor
  3. GA area filling up
  4. screen during 'One'
  5. Eddie Vedder grabbing Bono for a hug
  6. screen during 'Windows of the Skies'
Surprises were during the encores: Billie Joe of Green Day joining Bono for "The Saints Are Coming", Pearl Jam/U2 together for "Rockin' in the Free World", and "All I Want is You" as their final song instead of the expected "Bad/40". After all, last night was the finale of their nearly two-year tour, and while I do love the song, it wasn't a big ending, and not the best choice.

Early on in the show an arena worker saw me scribbling updates to my projected setlist (I like to go prepared) and called me over to show me the official one, which I immediately asked for, and said he'd give it to me just before the first encore. A few songs later I heard, "Senorita, Senorita", and ignored it 'til I realized he was calling me. (Didn't expect to be called that in Hawaii!) He said that he no longer need it, but that it was "top secret" and I was to show it to no one. I nodded solemnly, thanked him, and wondered if he was serious.

It was a great show, and I had a good time. Would've loved to be on the floor, up close, or at least surrounded by party people dancing it up, but the section I was in was pretty tame, probably because our corner wasn't full. That didn't stop me from singing and dancing, but I did feel a little left out of the party.

EDIT (whine), 4 hrs later:

I left the place feeling like I walked out of a movie that I knew was of good quality, but if asked about how I liked it, I knew I couldn't give it top marks, but wouldn't quite be able to explain why. Had a nagging feeling all day, but now I finally think I know the reason. I need to participate fully at a concert to really enjoy it, and this was one I was particularly looking forward to.. I've liked them for decades, know they're more than just their music, have most of their stuff, bought the special edition U2 ipod only because of them, etc., etc. I'm probably more bummed than I should be that I wasn't able to get more into it than I did. But what could I do? The vibe isn't quite the same when you're on your own.

I'd like a second chance. Another concert with another last song (I love 'All I Want Is You', but it's not 'Bad'/'40').

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You got it baaaaaaaad, Hiss.