Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday videos

starring Rocky

Rocky's Christmas wish did come true: he got to roll around, eat grass, and hunt lizards in the yard, but it still seemed as if he was waiting for someone.

Quicktime | WMV

He liked the cat-related gifts the best.

Quicktime | WMV


Joey Polanski said...

He enjoyd eatin em gingrbread peaple, methinks.

HissyFitz said...

No GB people were harmed in the production of any comics, videos, or other photographic exercises.

[Rocky doesn't eat people food, even food that look like people.]

Joey Polanski said...

Happy Birfday, Hiss!

BTW: Dont evr werry bout postin coments thatr pointd, blunt, n critickle ovr at JPS. Im very thick-skinnd, n kinda like a little ruffntumble in the blogassfear. If a coment dont have "I hate yer guts, Joe" somwhere innit, in roughly that ordr, I figgr th coment comes from love.

Happy New Year, too!


Werd verifickation = "hpukr"

No lie!

HissyFitz said...

Oh, I didn't think my comment on your site was offensive or anything, just unnecessarily long-winded and *yawn*, boring.

Thanks for the BD wish; *sigh*, one year older is...OLD!