Saturday, September 16, 2006

Last Flight Out

yeah, that's the title of a Butch Walker song

I saw Butch Walker and his new band in SF and Anaheim last week, and took four planes going there and back. My suitcase barely made it under the limit, and my contact solution was confiscated (even though saline solution is permitted, according to the TSA site). I missed being able to carry on bottled water, but was able to get enough to drink on the first three flights. For some reason, the leg from LA to Hawaii was a dehydration flight, but at least Hawaiian Airlines still feeds its passengers.

Some delightful and not-so-delightful insights about airports, especially when traveling alone:

Good: Discovering the airport carries Starbucks' new Pumpkin Spice
Bad: Being forced to consume the entire grande coffee before boarding the plane
Definitely good: Sitting close to the rear of the plane and being able to tell easily when there's no line for the bathroom

Not-so-bad: Not knowing what kind of person you'll get as a seatmate
Good: Being asked to trade seats w/a person who's allergic to cats, getting to sit near the cat, and receiving complementary headset to watch a movie I actually wanted to see

Not-so-bad: Getting the attention of a cute little drug-sniffing beagle who was interested in the catnip in my carry-on bag
Bad: Breaking a nail while wrestling my 46.6 lb suitcase off the conveyer belt
Good: Warning guys who were blocking my way that I might knock them over (and break a nail) when I grab my bag -- and having them grab it for me instead

Good: Experiencing pleasant counter people and lack of crowds on 9/11
Bad: Tolerating TSA security newbies practicing on me "so they know that I know what to do"* on 9/11

* TSA agent trying to show that she knew what she was doing (after I was deafened and puffed in the chemical-detecting booth, and before she frisked and patted me down)


-Tommy said...

Welcome back, Fitz. Glad to see you. Man, you reeeealy loves your Butch.

Paul Tay said...
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Joey Polanski said...

Aftr th bustd-nail story, I half expectd to see yer mitt in a CAST!

HissyFitz said...

Tom: Yep, I do, and am bummed that I can't get more of him like the others who don't live thousands of miles away in the middle of the ocean!

Paul: Obscene? That one almost looks like I'm welcoming her. Other shots didn't seem appropriate for my PG-rated blog. Come to think about it, neither does your comment about the TSA lady.

Joey: I'll need that nail to grow back in about a month so I can paint them orange-black-orange-black again for Halloween!

Paul Tay said...

Just kiddin', people!!!

Joey Polanski said...

Whats a TSA lady?

I mean ... I kno what th T & A is ...

... but th S!

Whatnaheck is th S?!

HissyFitz said...

Dunno..maybe one day if you fly from SFO to LAX you'll be able to ask her herself.