Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blockbuster boo-boo

I don't watch much TV and only discovered my cable was out and the actual wire need to be replaced when I tried to catch season pilots the other week. I probably wouldn't watch DVDs at all if I hadn't won a player in a drawing a couple of years ago (then had to get a new TV that could play the thing).

But I love freebies and decided to take advantage of Blockbuster's free one month online trial. In addition to unlimited online rentals, I get four coupons for free in-store rentals. So yesterday I signed up, printed the first coupon, and went to my local Blockbuster that I hadn't been to in over a year. Didn't even have my card, but that didn't matter. Picked out "The Producers", took it to the counter, and got my freebie.

I did notice the yellow tab in the case when I plucked it off the shelf, but forgot about it as the kid at the register rang me up ($0.00) then added my $1 Boys and Girls Club of America donation. Only when I got home did I realize the tab was still in, and I couldn't open the case.

A call to the store gave me the permission to break in to it, since there'd be no way I'd be able to remove the tab that ran along the entire length of the right side of the case. (Yes, sidster, you're right, it takes super-strong magnets to remove it.) The operation was successful, the patient had its spine slit open, and the DVD was freed.

So was the movie worth all that trouble? I didn't even get to finish watching it because I gave up after being interrupted twice by phone calls.



Joey Polanski said...

Was th phone calls from th NSA?

You mighta trippd a silent alarm or sompm.

HissyFitz said...

You know, I figured I was probably on NSA's list after my contact solution was confiscated in HNL and the TSA agent singled me out on the way back from SFO to LA.

Lotsa acronyms up there. ohwait, I guess they're just mere inititalisms.

Joey Polanski said...

Hope yer okay, post-quake.

HissyFitz said...

Thanks for your concern, Joey, I'm fine. Am finally online tonite so put up a long-winded, not too-dramatic, post of the the experience.

Mygosh, blogging only happens for me after Butch concerts, Blockbuster snafus, or natural disasters! How do you keep it goin'? ;)