Thursday, April 19, 2007

Frugal domain renewal

A few of my domain names were up for renewal, but I couldn't see paying full price. I crave discounts, and I refuse to participate in the slight-of-hand mumble-jumble that entails buying super-cheap names from one company and purchasing DNS services from another; I'd rather have it all under one roof.

So tonight I went to the site that my domains are registered under and removed the private registration option that I had paid for when I first registered them. When I refreshed the page, the price for new private registration (as opposed to renewals) was on sale for $2 less, so I re-purchased them. Then I searched the web for promo codes, and was surprised how easily I found some. I decided to use one that would reduce my domain name renewals themselves a couple of bucks less each, and renewed each for a couple of years, saving a decent amount of cash in a single transaction!


Sefton said...

I always check out before I buy anything. Also, for web space and GREAT support, I highly recommend

HissyFitz said...

whoa, I've been behind. Didn't realize there was a comment til now.

Thanks for the tips. I took advantage of B&N's educator appreciation discount yesterday, so feel pretty good, cheapie, er, frugal-wise.