Sunday, November 12, 2006


It's been bugging me ever since I saw that beautiful green lizard with red spots that was indulging in Leona's chocolate candy (see entry below) while we indulged ourselves in the Pinot Grigio I brought over.

I've never seen one like that, and I'm jealous. All I have are those oogly-ish dinosaurs that have taken over our yard (fodder for many pictures on this blog because they're display STRANGE behavior), but they're definitely not beautiful. I miss our lovely, sleek, green anole lizards that they killed off, and when I saw Leona's new kind of lizard, I got all excited. I had to find out what it was, and closest I can find is this one who was spotted in parts of our islands, on the left below. He's gotta be a relative of "Liz", but perhaps he's a male and she's a smaller, more delicate-looking, and less-decorated female. The guy on the left can grow up to 12" long, though. Kind of big to be munching on your chocolates.

Day gecko <---------------> Leona's Liz


Joey Polanski said...

Betcha see lotsa weird shit when ya start drinkin th ol Jagermeister, eh?

Werd Verification = "vnasty"

... vmuch, indeed!

HissyFitz said...

Not since the Motley Crue show.

Word verification = "yihuiu"
Alternate form of "aloha" for mahus, er, effeminate males in Hawaii

-Tommy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Fitz. Go crazy with yourself!

HissyFitz said...

Will do, same to you!